A pioneering new business model in conservation: The case of The Ol Pejata Conservancy

ALU’s School of Wildlife Conservation (SoWC) is developing leaders with a mission to conserve Africa’s heritage.


A sanctuary for wildlife in East Africa, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy was established in 2004 with a new vision for conservation: to make conservation pay for itself without having to rely on government subsidies or donor funding. Their solution: to integrate the cattle business within a wildlife sanctuary.

The results: a system of land use that produces 60% more employment than the two enterprises would separately, taxable revenues for the Kenyan exchequer and a sustainable wildlife conservation model that that pays for itself. As wildlife has flourished, oversees visitors have grown from 12,000 to 85,000 visitors per year and Ol Pejeta is turning over more than $12M in revenue. Over $1M is reinvested back into the local community.

In order to share and develop expertise from pioneering new business models in conservation, Ol Pejeta engages with like-minded organisations, notably in the education sector. The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation (SoWC) is one such organisation, developing future and current leaders who make it their life’s mission to conserve Africa’s natural heritage. Students across ALU’s undergraduate and MBA programmes benefit from the ideas, expertise and network that SoWC brings to the table.

Regarding current leaders, ALU School of Business welcome it’s first class of conservation leaders in 2017 to join its MBA programme. Students hail from leading conservation organisations including; Serena Hotels, African Wildlife Foundation for Nature, Singita, Tanzania Parks Authority and New Forests Company.

About 300 future leaders across the continent started their undergraduate programme at African Leadership University Rwanda, and 100% of whom will be exposed to the basics of wildlife conservation as part of their first year curriculum; 25 full scholarships have been awarded to those who chose conservation as their life’s mission.

Watch the stunning video below to learn more about the inspiring work of The Ol Pejeta Conservancy and ALU’s School of Wildlife Conservation!

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