Sidumiso Sibanda ‘19 has a message for women who are considering applying to the ALUSB MBA

Sidumiso Sibanda ‘19 runs a non-profit organization in Ghana and Nigeria in skills development and training for young people. We sat down with her at our last March intensive, to ask her about what attracted her to ALUSB, how we have developed her as a leader to date, and if she has a message to women who are thinking of applying to this MBA programme….and she has an incredible message!

Interview extracts:

Why ALUSB? “I’m really focused on Africa because this is where I’m from, this is where I want to be, this is the continent that I want to make the biggest difference on.”

On leadership development: “I started the programme in July 2017, and if you had asked me in June what I thought about myself as a leader, I would have said, I think I’m a great leader. In the last seven months, ALUSB has completely wrecked my life!

The combination of the academic content that we are doing, all the Leadership Lab material which really focuses you and causes you to reflect a lot on the decisions that you are making…it almost feels like I am ripping myself apart to build myself back up again.

Her message for women: “I think I have found a community of women that are strong and supportive.. but more importantly I also found a community of men, and African men at that, who are genuinely interested in what we have to say. I’ve found a set of brothers who genuinely love me even with all my faults, who don’t silence me, who encourage me…and I have never heard anybody who goes to any other business school ever saying that about their classmates.”

Watch Sidumiso’s fantastic full interview below!


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