On Leadership and Personal Branding: Part 2 of our interview with Mzamo Masito, CMO of Google Africa

On Leadership and Personal Branding

ALUSB Director of Admissions, Vani Nadarajah, had the pleasure of sitting down to an interview with Mzamo Masito, Chief Marketing Officer of Google Sub-Saharan Africa.  In part 2 of this wisdom-packed  interview, we asked Mzamo about his leadership heroes, got his advice on entering senior leadership positions for the first time and tapped his vast experience on building a great personal brand.

Find his full video interview below. Some great soundbites follow below.


On great leadership:

 “The great leaders that I have experienced happen to be great human beings. What we are actually trying to develop is a great human being, who happens to become a great leader”.


What advice would you have for someone entering the C-Suite for the first time? 

“You have to know yourself. You have to have such a high sense of self-awareness, self-conviction and you need to know what your values are.

Learn to be vulnerable with the people you lead. They must see the human being, not the title”.


On personal branding:

A great reputation = winning + strong values.

“A great reputation = winning + strong values. All you have is a reputation and all you are selling is a reputation.

The winning talks to ability and talent. Sharpen your skills, get on the job training, coaching, mentoring, an MBA…you need hard skills as much as you need soft skills.

The strong values are your moral compass.

And when the what (winning) and the how (moral compass) are balanced, you have a great reputation and a great personal brand.”


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