Graduation Reflections from the Class of 2021

As we get closer to the graduation day of the ALUSB MBA Class of 2021, we caught up with some of the students to learn more about their MBA highlights and next steps. Read on to discover more!

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA? 

“I wanted to grow career-wise, transform as a leader and be able to solve business problems as well as change the conservation agenda to be more business-focused. To be sustainable in conservation or in any undertaking,  it should generate revenue to sustain itself. I didn’t have such knowledge and skills hence why an MBA was necessary. I chose ALUSB because it is our very own world-class university made in Africa, designed to give answers to Africa’s wicked problems.” – Frida Fanuel Mollel ’21

After 18 years of working for a multinational company, I wanted to use the experience acquired to develop a business that would have the same standards and repute of the multinational I worked for but made in Africa. I recognised I needed some additional skills to achieve this goal and I enrolled into business school. I chose ALUSB because it was the only business school that would teach me business in the African context. I also wanted a network of peers across the continent who have the same hunger to see Africa become an economic power.” – Elizabeth Tchwenko-Fabu ’21

What was the most beneficial skill you learned both inside and outside of the classroom? How do you use this in your current role?

“The leadership skills I have picked up from the classroom have been incredibly useful. I now understand myself better and my approach to work has significantly changed. I am focused on building and growing a high performing team while creating spaces for the things I value.” – Rosebell  Abwonji ’21

I learned to fall in love with the problem and not the solution. I learned to focus on my immediate environment, to analyze the different factors impacting the quality of life of the members of my community, to recognize the pain points, and to identify adequate solutions that can produce positive impacts in the long term. These skills are very useful in my daily work to help me identify the most appropriate methodological approaches to bring about change within the partner organizations I work with. These skills are all the more important to keep me close to the reality of my community, to stay connected to the essentials and turned towards others.” – Sarah Mambu ’21

I had no clue about financial management and accounting, now I have acquired those skills and use them in my daily activities as the Chief Budget Manager of my organization. I got a better understanding of what a leader is and use this in trying to solve real-life problems. I understand different elements of conservation-friendly businesses.” – Juliet Kabera ’21

How has an MBA from ALUSB set you apart from your colleagues and peers?

I have a wide network of people from across the continent that I can work with on various projects. I also have an amazing combination of conservation and business skills which is a huge gap in the market at the moment. These skills will position me to deliver at a higher quality as I can approach my work through a more strategic route.”- Rosebell  Abwonji ’21

I think Leadership Lab is the course that has a direct social and day-to-day life impact because many of my colleagues and peers would like to join ALUSB after seeing how transformative this was for my leadership and management style. In terms of leadership growth, I think the ALUSB MBA is the best I have seen. – Armand Didier Konan ’21

“I am different from others in a noticeable way, business as usual is the thing of the past. I think critically and aspired to excellence. My ideas and contributions to my peers show that I am intellectually curious. I possess empathy and self-awareness. I do what I believe is right and ethical. I am an optimistic and positive person.” – Frida Fanuel Mollel ’21

I have gained the legitimacy to approach the concept of leadership and entrepreneurship with confidence. A factor that puts me in an advantageous position in this matter in front of my colleagues and peers.” – Sarah Mambu ’21

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“I see myself championing a movement to create inclusive spaces that bring in more women and youth to actively participate in conservation activities across the African continent.” – Rosebell Abwonji, ’21

“I see myself as a CEO of a top 5 coffee exporting company in Rwanda. “ – Munyura Shema Cedric ’21

“In 5 years, I aspire to become one of the most renowned formal recyclers in Africa.” – Mariam Lawani ’21

“In the next 5 years I should have initiated at least 5 environment conservation projects which employ a number of people’s lives and restored degraded ecosystems for healthier communities.”- Juliet Kabera ’21
“As the biggest employer in the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe.” – Brian Mataruka ’21

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