The Graduating Class of 2020 Shares Highlights & Next Steps

Author: Tumiso Kevin, ALUSB Marketing Intern

Graduation period is often a time of reflection and as we get closer to the big day for the class of 2020, we caught up with some of the graduating students to learn more about their best times at ALUSB and their plans are post-MBA. Read on to discover their highlights and next steps.

Grace Umulisa, Founder, Mw Trading and Bora Mart Stores – Rwanda 

“The highlight of my MBA program was the visit by Dr Deeqo Mohammed because it challenged me to do more for my community and move from looking at life from a ‘me’ perspective to a collective outlook. I am excited that I can now fully focus on living out all that I have learned over the past 20 months and take advantage of the incredible pan-African network and friendships I have made to expand my business into other African markets after graduation.” 

Jean Didier Akpona, Special Projects Manager, African Parks – Bénin

“ALUSB gave me tools to increase my capacity in the conservation business and increased my leadership acumen. After graduation, I will challenge myself to support the programme in order to benefit more French-speaking countries in Africa. My second biggest challenge is to support conservation in Africa by challenging young conservationists in Africa.”

Josphat Ngonyo Kisui, Executive Director, ANAW – Kenya

“ I am excited to be together with my colleagues during this graduation. My plan after graduation is to provide servant leadership. I also hope to use the skills and knowledge I gained to advance the continent of Africa.”

Rachelle Elodie Konan, Territory Manager for West Africa – Ghana

Networking with diverse leaders across Africa is the highlight of the ALUSB MBA programme and I am happy to have achieved one of my FY 2020 goals by further enhancing my skills set. My plans after graduating include implementing most of the key leadership learning in my day to day life and seeking greater heights.”

Simon Kioko, Co-founder and Managing Director of You and I – Kenya

“The personal growth journey I went through thanks to Leadership Lab is priceless. I have seen my leadership strengths and skills significantly improve. I am a better leader now and I cannot wait to use what I have learned in my country and continent which desperately needs good leaders. I am excited about the opportunity to look back and celebrate doing hard things. It is a great milestone to get to this level. After graduation, I plan to keep working on ‘You and I’ which was my E&I project and also my capstone project. The world is counting on ‘You and I’ to make a difference.” 

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