“This class understands where we’re heading as a continent.”- Christian Muhawenimana

The class of 2020 ‘Umoja’ is graduating in less than a month! Besides their academic experience and their interactions with other students, there is another player in the ALUSB community that we want to highlight: the ALUSB staff who worked closely with the students throughout their MBA journey. We had the opportunity to have a conversation with ALUSB MBA Programme Director, Christian Muhawenimana. Christian shared his thoughts on the ALUSB MBA and his experiences with the graduating class!

In his day-to-day as the Programme Director, Christian is in charge of managing the students’ experience. He does this by providing continuous support and creating a safe space for them to be open about any challenges they may face. Because of this, Christian is known as the ‘go-to’ person for the ALUSB MBA students! “I think of myself as an academic adviser.” 

On his time with ALUSB

“At ALUSB, we treat education as a service.” 

Christian is excited when thinking about his time at ALUSB and the successes that he has been able to witness. How does Christian define success? When there’s a high number of graduating students and a low rate of students that have dropped out of the programme! Christian lists the ALUSB team as a key player in achieving this. “The priority of every staff member at ALUSB is to find the best ways to support students during their MBA journey. The school content makes up 60% of the learning experience, the rest comes from their interactions with the ALUSB community.” Therefore, it is essential to deliver high-quality service through support and a world-class pool of faculty. “At ALUSB, we treat education as a service.” 

“Because the programme is founded on group learning, students benefit from a collective learning experience.” This type of education means that keeping students engaged in the programme is crucial. He emphasises that during an MBA journey, the students need people that can give practical support to help them balance their many responsibilities. Christian’s job? To be that person for the ALUSB MBA students!

On his experience with the graduating class of 2020 ‘Umoja’

Christian joined the ALUSB team at the same time as the class of 2020 ‘Umoja’, and this created a special connection between him and the class. “They call me Mr. forty-one because they feel very connected to me; it’s like I’m part of their cohort.”  And after getting to know the cohort better, he is still mesmerised by the students’ ability to bond very quickly at the beginning of their MBA journey. “In addition to forming tight in-class connections, the students were able to support each other beyond the classroom!” 

“…It’s like I’m part of their cohort.”

On graduation 

Thinking about the Umoja class graduating excites Christian as he sees the prospect of more than 36 new companies coming from the student within the next decade. This prediction is based on interactions he has had with students that envision themselves starting their own enterprises that will make a difference on the continent. “The class understands where we are heading as a continent, and I can’t be happier for them,” says Christian. Additionally, ten years from now, Christian hopes that ALUSB alumni will be at a place where they can create, innovate and meet Africa’s needs in an actionable way.

“Be humble, remain humble, be useful and always look for ways to grow your team.” 

As they move towards graduation and the rest of their professional careers, Christian emphasises humility as a virtue that will aid the graduates in their professional lives. “While they have some information on all business aspects; they do not have all the information on those different aspects. This is why I urge them to have a growth mindset. Be humble, remain humble, be useful and always look for ways to grow your team.” 

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