10 inspiring pieces of advice from powerful women in business

Sometimes, we come across a piece of advice that sticks with us and propels us forward. As part of our ‘Woman Of the Week’ campaign, ALUSB asked some of the women in our community to offer some advice to their peers in the ecosystem in the hopes of inspiring and empowering young, up-and-coming businesswomen across the continent. Whether you’re getting ready to make an important business move, take your career to the next level or just looking for some inspiration; this blog post is for you.

1) Mahder Zewdie ’20, Head of Operations at Awaaz.De, Ethiopia
“The world needs diversity and women represent 50% of the population, which means we need to speak up, explore our potential, work hard to build our capacity and support each other. Being demanding, and unapologetically ourselves is also okay. Be resilient and develop a growth mindset, and you will be surprised by the number of doors you will manage to open for yourself.”


2) Gloria Mark Njiu ’21, Business Delivery Manager at the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA Group), Tanzania
“Do not shy away from your dreams, there is a reason you have them, it is your purpose to pursue them and fulfil them.”


3) Desiree Afor ’20, Head Total Rewards & Performance Management at Airtel Africa, Kenya
“Go for it but don’t expect any favours because you are female. You have to bring your ‘A’ game and earn your stripes. What will differentiate you from the rest is when you are able to ask why you do what you do and connect the dots between that and your organisation’s vision and values. Above all, guard your integrity, it is as much a selling factor for you as your technical know-how.


4) Diana Mulili ’18, Interim CEO at Msingi East Africa, Kenya
“Lead your teams confidently knowing that you are the type of leader your teams need now and moving forward. Don’t doubt yourself, keep striving and, if possible, take on more leadership roles in your community.


5) Grace Umulisa ’20, Managing Director at Mw Trading Limited, Rwanda
“Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey. Leverage your network and do not be afraid to seek help!


6) Joy Rucyahana ’20, Founder & CEO Sawa Sawa Investments, Rwanda
My advice to younger women is that the sooner they believe in themselves, the better. The current challenges they are facing are only a platform for them to showcase how much easier positive results can be achieved if we collectively use our feminine ingenuity, excellence and our built-in nurturing instincts.”


7) Diana Ssali ’21, Director of Finance and Operations at EarthEnable, Rwanda & Uganda
Invest in learning and broadening your experience. Practice using your voice and your skills to build the confidence that you’ll need to propel yourself forward.”


8) Judith Minzi ’21, Chief Executive Officer, K-finance Limited in Dar es salaam, Tanzania
“Persevere, do not stop when it gets tough and cultivate useful networks through your communities and beyond as your network is your net-worth.”


9) Vicky Mugisha, Student Affairs Coordinator at ALUSB, Rwanda
People are the most important piece of your plan. Listen, communicate, network, and keep your mind open to new ideas!”


10) Vani Nadarajah, Director Of Admissions at ALUSB, Rwanda
“Don’t second guess yourself! If you are offered that complex project or a daunting new role, take a deep breath and jump in. Make a case for that raise. Speak up in that meeting. Apply to that MBA! Ladies, we need to #JUSTDOIT!”

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