ALUSB Master of

The ALU School of Business Master of Management (MM) programme is designed to equip you with
the business skills, elite pan-African network, and leadership ability to add value to an organisation,
accelerate your career and ultimately catalyse positive change across Africa.

The goal of the programme is to accelerate the careers of young professionals and recent graduates as they enter the job market. The programme involves experiential learning with talented faculty from across the world. The programme stands on five, carefully crafted pillars that promise an academically enriching experience that will help you standout in today’s highly competitive job market!

A World-class, Employer Driven Experience

Shaped by the needs of leading employers across Africa and led by top, global faculty, the MM programme offers a signature African Leadership Group (ALG) experience that will not only enhance your career prospects but build your practical business knowledge and leadership capacity.

In addition to functional business skills such as Accounting, Finance and Marketing, the Master of Management programme has incorporated the following critical skills that employers value in the workplace:

Similar to a professional setting, the MM programme will expose you to peers from different backgrounds and cultures. The MM programme involves regular peer-to-peer learning and collaborative group projects. This learning environment will enable you to manage team dynamics with tact and develop yourself as an effective team player.

Team leadership and self-leadership courses provide the mental framework required to act with honesty, compassion and fairness in the workplace. Through class simulations and relevant practical content you will also be able to practice your decision-making skills based on your ethical standards.

The immersion period instils foundational business acumen such as presentation and formal writing skills in order to develop effective and impactful communicators. Post immersion, you will be required to reinforce these skills throughout the MM curriculum. This includes class presentations and written projects that will challenge you to be empathetic, concise, persuasive and confident as you communicate.

The MM programme is a rigorous and exciting experience that will constantly require you to question the status quo and think outside the box. Designed to develop your critical and strategic thinking skills, you will learn to solve complex problems and apply knowledge to the real world. As you advance through the curriculum, you will be able to crystallise your learning through the Capstone Project, employing your knowledge to solve a corporate or an entrepreneurial African Challenge.

Access To A Powerful, Pan-African Network

Joining the ALU School of Business grants you access to a diverse, growing and purpose-driven community of leaders from across the continent. We have a history of attracting and developing some of the continent’s most passionate and talented professionals. The African Leadership University ecosystem will provide you with:

Work Readiness And Career

Beyond the classroom experience, you will have the opportunity to develop your professional aptitude in a work setting through an optional internship programme aligned with your interests and career aspirations. 

The ALUSB Career Development programme gives you professional guidance throughout the MM programme.
The main goal is to help you identify your strengths and enable you to best
position yourself to stand out as a young professional leader. We do this through:

Global Skills
Applied Locally

The Master of Management programme delivers world class business skills which are actively applied to the nuances of the African business and societal landscape. The context of doing business in Africa is largely overlooked by most business schools, even on the African continent.

The context of doing business on the continent is key to succeeding as an African business leader who can develop tailored solutions to some of the most pressing challenges on the continent. One of the core elements is Doing Business in Africa which is designed to develop your leadership and management skills to have impact as well as improve your ability to curate informed business approaches and strategies based on an in-depth understanding of varied African markets and business environments.

Strategic Location At The Heart Of Africa

Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is emerging to be a top business and innovation hub for the continent. Located at the heart of Africa, with excellent transport links across the continent, Rwanda’s capital city Kigali, offers students an opportunity to build strong pan-African connections and gain first-hand knowledge of what a successful African development model can look like. Click here to find out more about living in Rwanda.


The ALUSB Master of Management programme is a 10 – 12 month programme with a combination of in-person and online learning. You will spend the first 7 months on campus, after which you transition to distance learning. You can choose to follow one of two tracks as part of the programme. 

The first is a 12-month track with an internship and the second is a 10-month track without an internship. You do not have to choose a track as part of the application process, but you will be required to make a choice by the beginning of Term 2 of the programme. The programme is comprised of four distinct stages:

Track 1

Track 2

By the end of the programme, you should expect the following outcomes from the MM programme: