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At ALU School of Business, we believe your growth, learning and development goes beyond academics – we see it as a holistic process involving your peers, surroundings and resources available to you. We take it as our responsibility to provide you with the environment to make this a reality.


The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a democratically-elected student leadership body. In addition to providing leadership to the student body, it cultivates a strong relationship with the Business School. With full support from the Business School administration, the council also structures the student life experience by ensuring that you shape your own journey through taking initiative and responsibility in various ways such as:


Managing and running clubs and societies of interest


Organising student events and activities


We value your physical, mental and psychological health – the primary mission of the wellness center is to assist members of the business school community experience personal growth and to promote positive well being through:


Professional counselling


Wellness seminars


Medical insurance to ensure your health finances are covered.

Student Benefits and Activities

To further enhance your learning experience, ALUSB has activities and amenities for you to interact with your peers, test your leadership ability as well as build lifelong skills. You will enjoy access to various amenities and benefits such as:


Sports and wellness facilities


Volunteering opportunities


Conferences and summits

“Many people often ask me why we picked Rwanda to set up ALU? My answer is very simple – we wanted to show them an example of an Africa that works” Fred Swaniker

Do I need a visa to study in Rwanda?

Citizens of countries that are members of the following international organisations: The African Union, The Commonwealth of Nations and La Francophonie,  get a visa upon arrival, and do not have to pay any visa fees for visits lasting 30 days or less.

A citizen of East African Community Member States shall be issued a pass/entry visa free of charge upon arrival to stay for a period of six months.

The following countries to be granted 90 days valid visa free of charge upon arrival: Angola, Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, The Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Haiti, Mauritius, Philippines, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe, Singapore and the state Qatar.

*The visa fees must not exceed 50 USD for a single entry visa or 70 USD for multiple entry.

Please click here to access the Rwanda immigration website.




Photo with a white background


Visa or permit application form


Payment of 20.000 Frw


Admission letter from ALUSB


Detailed curriculum vitae (students above 18 years of age)


Original police clearance (students above 18 years of age)

Did you know?


Rwanda was one of the first countries to introduce visa-free travel for most African countries. About 20 other African countries have now followed suit.


Rwanda is the first country in Africa to allow drone delivery of blood to different hospitals throughout the country.


Rwanda is the first country in Africa to invest in building its brand by sponsoring a premier league football team.


Besides Kigali being known as the cleanest and safest city in Africa, Rwanda is a beautiful country with a lot to offer! 

When not busy with your assignments, here’s how you can enjoy Rwanda:

Indulge yourself in Rwandan cuisine

If you have cuisine curiosity, Rwanda will surpass your expectations with quite a diverse mix of local delights and regional delicacies from meat brochettes to starchy bananas locally known as matoke. Being based in Kigali will give you access to some of the best restaurants in Rwanda for your choosing.

Plan your ultimate scenic road trip!

Rwanda has well-maintained roads that allow you to access nature at its core. A place to be is Lake Kivu which has a sandy beach surrounded by beautiful misty mountains. You can also have a wild safari in Akagera National park which is home to some of the most majestic animals including leopards, baboons, hyenas, zebras and buffalos.  

Enjoy Kigali’s nightlife

Kigali has a healthy night life to help you unwind after a long busy day. If you enjoy Karaoke nights, jazz music, after parties or live bands – Kigali has some nice spots you can enjoy with your friends including 514 Club, PiliPili resto-bar, Inema Art Gallery and Cocobean. Each spot has its own vibrancy and crowd for you to enjoy.

Discover Rwanda’s history

If you want to learn about Rwanda’s phenomenal rise to one of Africa’s most developed nations, Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre is the place to start. The incredible museum pieces together the events of the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 with significant perceivable and emotional effect. Expect to learn and be moved by Rwanda’s resilience and progress that it has made in just 26 years.

A weekend hangin’ out with the wild gorillas maybe?

Rwanda is one of the few locations in the world where you can get to see gorillas in their natural habitat. Volcanoes National Park shares a border with Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda and is home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas. You can take a weekend to have quite an unforgettable experience Gorilla trekking through the thick bamboo forests while interacting with the Gorilla families.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Rwandan culture

Nothing gives a more authentic experience than immersing yourself in culture. Rwanda has an exceptional culture in its arts, history and way of life. You can visit Kigali cultural village or Kaplaki Crafts Market which have traditional artefacts, clothing as well as food. It also hosts fashion shows, music and poetry events in addition to workshops for you to get a taste of Rwanda’s culture. 

Observe inspiring, transformational leadership first-hand

Rwanda has gained a reputation as a country driven by visionary and transformational leadership. It also boasts the highest proportion women representation in parliament globally. Rwanda’s positive economic development and political stability are indicative of good African leadership.

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