MM Financing


MM Programme costs


Below is a breakdown of costs associated with the ALUSB Master of Management programme. The costs of living in Rwanda are estimated based on average accomodation, food and transport costs and are not payable to ALUSB.


Estimated annual living costs

Accommodation $4,800 – $9,600
Food $2,400 – $6,000
Transport $1,000
Miscellaneous $1,200
Total annual cost estimate $9,400 – $17,800


MM programme Tuition 

Tuition fee     $13,500
Total tuition     $13,500

We understand that funding the Master of Management Programme is a significant commitment. Candidates are encouraged to explore a combination of funding options to cover their tuition and living costs, including:


ALUSB Partial Scholarships


Savings & investments


External Scholarships


Employer Funding


Family loans 


Bank loans

ALUSB Payment Structures


The Master of Management programme tuition can be paid in up to three instalments. You are eligible for a 5% discount on your net tuition if you choose to pay in just one instalment. 


Instalment (USD) Invoice issued Payment due
1:  35% net tuition 14 March 2021 14 April 2021
2: 35% net tuition 14 June 2021 14 July 2021
3: 30% net tuition 14 September 2021  14 October 2021


*Net tuition refers to the total tuition ($13,500) minus any ALUSB scholarships or grants

ALUSB MM Partial Scholarships

ALUSB aims to develop a diverse and talented group of leaders by making quality education equally accessible to potential leaders who will transform Africa.

All students admitted to the MM programme will have the opportunity to apply to the scholarships listed below. The award criteria will vary based on the specific scholarship.


The ALUSB Dean’s Scholarship is a merit based financial award given to candidates who have demonstrated high academic achievement in the undergraduate degree level. The Dean’s Scholarship covers up to $3500 of ALUSB MM tuition fees.


The ALUSB North African Scholars Programme is awarded to admitted candidates who are permanent residents of the following North African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya or Egypt. Priority will be given to candidates who have shown a deep interest in the development of the mentioned countries. The North African Scholars Programme covers up to $3500 of ALUSB MM tuition fees.


The ALG Scholarship for Excellence is awarded to admitted candidates who are graduates of any African Leadership Group institution (ALA, ALU, ALX). Priority will be given to candidates who have shown exemplary leadership in their communities, networks or organisations. The ALG Scholarship for Excellence covers up to $3500 of ALUSB MM tuition fees.


Leadership, governance and policy making are crucial in causing transformational change within Africa. The African Leader’s Scholarship is awarded to admitted candidates with an interest or background in public service, politics, law-making or legislative roles, with vision to shape or impact the political landscape in their home country. The African Leader’s Scholarship covers up to $3500 of ALUSB MM tuition fees.


The African Diaspora Scholarship is awarded to admitted candidates of African descent who are currently residing outside the continent. Candidates must illustrate a passion for Africa’s culture and development. Priority will be given to candidates who demonstrate leadership potential, with a passion for impact in Africa. The Scholarship covers up to $3500 of ALUSB MM tuition fees.


Arts and culture come in different forms, especially within Africa. The Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts is awarded to candidates who are active in the African creative arts industry, which includes but is not limited to: Photography, Fashion, Performing Arts, Digital design or Media. Consideration will be given to candidates that have shown unique talent and have used art or creativity as a medium for positive change within their communities. The Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts covers up to $3500 of ALUSB MM tuition fees.

The Master of Management Diversity Grants Programme

ALUSB has set up a Diversity Fund to promote and broaden the diversity of perspective in the MM classroom. Grants are up to 25% of MM tuition, offering needs-based financial assistance in the form of tuition credits. 

This is your chance to tell us something interesting about yourself that you may not have included in your application. Here are some ideas below, but feel free to surprise us! Tell us why the Fund should invest in you. 


For admitted candidates with current expertise or potential talent in consulting. They are able to identify business challenges and make recommendations to help businesses improve their performance from an external perspective. Candidates should demonstrate skills in problem statements, research, data analysis and intrepretation as well as forming business hypotheses and outcomes.


For data-driven admitted candidates who have a talent for dealing with numbers, be it through accounting, finance, statistical analysis or modelling.


For admitted candidates who have participated in designing, inventing or implementing novel projects that solve a particular problem in Africa, including in impact in health, sanitation, agriculture, environmental issues, conservation, logistics, infrastructure or education. The solution must be scalable and sustainable.


For admitted candidates who work to promote, and advocate for, equal rights for women across all sectors.


For admitted candidates who have a passion for storytelling in various forms, for instance, through the visual arts, journalism or creative writing. An ideal candidate should demonstrate a standout writing ability, as well as a passion for changing the narrative about Africa.


For admitted candidates who promote human rights throughout the continent. Candidates with experience in policy work, advocacy and law are ideal candidates to apply.


For admitted candidates who are active in the tech industry, who are delivering technology-based solutions to solve problems, drive impact and create prosperity in Africa, either professionally and/or academically


For admitted candidates who have started ventures to solve problems and create jobs in Africa.


For admitted candidates with a strong social media presence and digital footprint, with the power to influence brands and drive engagement.


Does ALUSB offer full tuition MM scholarships?

No, ALUSB does not currently offer full tuition awards to the MM programme. Please review each ALUSB scholarship or grant in the list above to determine the potential level of aid each specifically offers. 

Applicants are encouraged to research external scholarships relevant to their countries and profiles – there are a lot of resources out there but you need to identify and research those that are relevant to you. 

Can I apply for a scholarship or grant before being accepted into ALUSB?

No, you will be granted access to the financial aid application only after you have been offered admission to the ALUSB Master of Management programme.


Can I apply for more than one scholarship or grant?

Yes, you can apply to as many scholarships as you would like. 

We highly encourage you to apply to the award(s)that you are most eligible for, or that best resonate with you. 


How do I know if I am eligible to apply for the ALUSB Diversity Grants Programme?

The ALUSB Diversity Grants programme is open to all admitted candidates.  In addition to meeting the ALUSB MM admission requirements, if you have any additional qualities that you think may enrich the diversity of perspective in the MM class, then you can  apply. Feel free to surprise us! Diversity is broad. 

What should I include in my scholarship/grant application essay?

Scholarship or grant essays are included in the financial aid form and are associated with each individual award. You can also view these questions by reviewing the specific awards in the list above.  

Can I recommend a scholarship or grant to eligible candidates?

Please spread the word! If you know potential candidates who meet the MM eligibility criteria, then please do share the programme application link with them. If admitted, they too will have the chance to apply for an MM award. 

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