MM Career Development Programme

The MM Career Development programme has been developed in conversation with employers across Africa, focusing on their on-the-ground knowledge of what young professionals need to succeed in today’s work environment. Our research shows that as a young professional starting out in today’s workplace, it takes a certain set of skills to chart a successful career path and stand out in the workplace. While hard skills remain paramount, soft skills are becoming increasingly essential to thriving in a workplace and accelerating into management positions.

Craft a holistic career journey

The Master of Management (MM) curriculum has been developed to equip  you with the skills you will need to manage and lead in business, ranging from accounting to finance, operations, data analysis, marketing and economics. 

Moreover, the curriculum places equal emphasis on soft skills, ranging from communication and team-work, to leadership and entrepreneurial mindset.  The MM Career Development programme adds to the richness of the MM programme by focusing holistically on your career journey.

The programme starts off by exposing you to different elements that shape a career:

Find your career mentors

At the very beginning of the MM programme, we take you through a series of diagnostic assessments to help you establish what is important to you in a career, how your personality shapes these preferences, as well as what your strengths and areas of improvement are.

Having this baseline knowledge, we then transition to a series of workshops exploring how careers generally unfold and what you need to know to shape your own. In this part of the process, you have the opportunity to find career mentors whose career journeys you would want to emulate, work with ALUSB career coaches and develop your own personal career plan.

In the next part of your career journey, we focus on specific tangible skills, including:

In terms 2 and 3 we continue to focus on your professional skills, and begin to transition to targeted internship and full-time job searches that are aligned to your career interests and aspirations.