ALUSB Policies



Policy Name Description Download Policy
ALUSB Student Handbook Provides in-depth information about our academic programmes, academic community and learning environment. LINK.
Data Protection Policy Sets out responsibilities and actions that the institution will take in accordance with its obligations and ensure compliance with the legislative framework. LINK.
Health and Safety Policy Establishes general standards for all members of the academic community at ALU in terms of Health and Safety. LINK.
Student Attendance Policy Describes the institutional policy and expectations with regards to students attendance, the actions in case of breaches, as well as the responsibilities of students, academic and non-academic staff, as well as institution administration regarding student attendance. LINK.
Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure Sets out the guidelines and procedures for recognition and transfer of credits into ALU. LINK.
Student Code of Conduct Defines the conduct expectations for students at ALU. LINK.
Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedure Sets the policy and procedures adopted by ALU with the scope of safeguarding the adherence to the principles of its community, to its regulations, as well as to the Student Code of Conduct. LINK.
Assessment Policy and Regulations Provides the principles and procedures guiding the assessments at the African Leadership University (ALU), including its School of Business. LINK.
ALUSB Policy and Procedures for Admissions Provides the policy and procedures for admissions at ALUSB. LINK.
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