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Entrepreneurship has been instrumental in the economic growth witnessed in many African countries in the last two decades. Emphasizing the power of entrepreneurship in both new and mature organisations, this course examines and synthesizes the experiences of both the most successful entrepreneurial ventures on the continent and those that have failed, to deliver valuable lessons on how to be entrepreneurial in Africa today.

Innovation is critical to the long-term success of any organisation. The experience of MPESA in Kenya, We-Cyclers in Nigeria, One-Acre Fund in East Africa and numerous other organisations in Africa showcases the financial and societal benefits of innovation. This course teaches managers and entrepreneurs how to foster an innovative work culture in ways that are structured and scalable in a variety of contexts.

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Business leaders must understand both our globalizing world and Africa’s increasingly influential place in it. As trade links grow across the continent and among emerging markets, how can African firms identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls in growing domestic, regional, and global markets?

This course will teach a systematic approach to understanding macroeconomics, politics, and social narratives on and off the continent, which will help you to understand, adapt to, and profit from the ever-changing context in which business is done.

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Africa has some of the most complex business environments in the world, and managers on the continent must understand a large number of sectors and how they fit together. By providing an introduction to several key areas, including human capital development, taxation, agriculture, infrastructure, and insurance, this course will allow students to improve their understanding of these critical issues, as well as to gain insights into how they fit together to create opportunities for organisations in a variety of sectors across the continent.

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Understand the fundamentals of economics and explore cutting-edge ideas in economic decision-making.

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Financial accounting is crucial to the success of any enterprise be it a government, large multi-national organisation or start-up.

Understanding financial accounting is critical when making decisions on how to best use an organisation’s resources. In this course, you will dive into the fundamentals of financial accounting including concepts such as profit and revenue, debt and equity, and assets and liabilities. By the end of the course you’ll be able to prepare and interpret any financial statement

Course Flow

This course covers basic financial accounting. You will learn how to record transactions using journal entries, how to post them to T accounts, how to prepare a trial balance and then use this trial balance to prepare the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and the Cash Flow Statement. The course emphasizes the role of managerial judgment in choosing accounting estimates and methods and recognizes that there is often bias in how accounting choices are made. Accounting concepts and principles are covered in detail.

Once you have learned how to prepare financial statements and understand the role of judgment, the course will move to financial statement analysis. You will learn how to calculate critical ratios and how to interpret the ratios in the context of the business environment. You will also learn how to prepare forecasted financial statements, and make capital budgeting decisions using tools such as Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return calculations.

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This course provides grounding in principles of modern finance and teaches frameworks, concepts and tools for evaluating financial decisions. The specific concepts the course focuses on include basics of corporate finance such as calculating net present values, valuing bonds and stocks, measuring risk and capital asset pricing models.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to read, understand and explain sophisticated financial management and investment decisions.

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Every organisation struggles to figure out how to at once enhance productivity, provide more choice to the consumer, deliver products of the highest quality and maximise profit or sustainability.

This course explores methods to optimize business processes in any organisation regardless of size, industry or geography, to increase productivity and deliver a superior product.

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The field of marketing has undergone profound change in the last few years. To be successful today every organisation must learn how to engage a customer base that is more empowered, has more choice and has an increasingly shorter attention span. This course explores the basics of customer decision making in this new landscape, focusing on principles such as branding and customer-centric strategies.

You’ll learn key principles in

  • Branding: brand equity is one of the key elements of keeping customers in a dynamic world in which new startups are emerging constantly.
  • Customer centricity: not synonymous with customer service, customer centricity starts with customer focus and need-gathering.
  • Go-to-market strategies: understand the drivers that influence customers and see how these are implemented prior to making an investment.
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