MBA vs. MM: 4 Key Differences

Author: Philip Mbwaya, ALUSB Marketing Coordinator

As some of you might know, ALU School of Business (ALUSB) expanded its programme offers with the ALUSB Master of Management (MM)

While both the ALUSB MBA and the ALUSB MM are designed to equip one with the skills and knowledge to thrive professionally, they are fundamentally different. If you want to pursue quality business education at ALUSB, you have to, therefore, consider several factors before choosing a programme.

Read on to learn more about the key differences between the two programmes and what you should consider before applying!

1. Professional experience

The ALUSB MBA programme is designed for established professionals with 5 or more years of work experience. This allows the students to bring their pan-African, real-world experiences into the classroom and apply what they learned directly on the job.

In contrast, professional experience does not play a major role in undertaking the MM programme. The Master of Management (MM) programme aims to create the foundation for recent graduates and young professionals with up to 3 years of post-graduate experience to launch successful careers. 

In summary: the ALUSB MBA programme is suitable for established professionals whereas the ALUSB MM is for young professionals who are just getting started!

2. Career goal

The ALUSB MBA programme is designed to prepare you for that strategic leadership position in your organisation whereas the MM programme is designed to equip you with foundational business and leadership skills to kickstart your career. 

MM graduates often aim for entry to mid-level positions whereas MBA graduates aim for senior-level positions in various organisations.

3. Programme mode of delivery

Post-graduate studies generally are quite rigorous to undertake. At ALU School of Business, we offer a part-time 20-month MBA programme that blends interactive online education with in-class sessions. This blended learning model enables students to build their studies around their work schedules. 

In contrast, the ALUSB MM is a full-time 10-12 month programme that requires you to be present in Kigali for most of the time.

The schedule and mobility of both programmes are therefore an important factor in choosing a suitable option to undertake. 

4. Programme costs

Due to the different target audience, mode of delivery and programme duration, the MBA programme and the MM programme have different tuition costs. The ALUSB programme tuition fee is $30,000 whereas the MM programme costs $13,500.

With these differentiating factors, applicants should have their long term goals in mind when choosing which ALUSB programme to apply for. Both programmes are unique in their own ways but they do have one thing in common: they will give one an upper hand in the ever-dynamic job market!

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