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ALUSB Leadership Paradigm

Integrity | Self Development | Teamwork | Continuous Learning | Strengths Based | Practice

ALUSB develops leaders with Virtue, Value, and Vision (V^3) using a carefully crafted mixture of the following elements, which draw upon the best in cognitive psychology, social science, growth hacking, and peak performance methods.

Our Approach


Leadership development is a vital part of the ALUSB MBA, and is therefore present for the duration of the programme. At ALUSB we believe in leadership as a collective process, where all-level, emergent managers create an inclusive culture of shared leadership within different organisations across Africa.

Therefore our leadership development model gets personal through the following elements:

Best Class Content |

Gain exposure to the globe’s best in practical leadership theory, growth science, and behavioral psychology to ensure you have the cutting edge knowledge required to be your best.

On-The-Job Leadership Practice |

Hone your leadership craft like an Olympic athlete would in practice and trials; leverage real-life, on- the-job opportunities to apply your leadership lessons and test yourself in trying moments.

Regular 360° Evaluations |

Periodic feedback is our “performance mirror” and ALUSB believes you can only get better through regular feedback from your peers, teammates, direct reports, and supervisors.

Peer Coaching |

Leverage ALUSB peer support and insights to unlock solutions to persistent leadership dilemmas, building your “Leadership Quotient” for life beyond the program.

Leadership Coaching |

Impartial coaches guide us to greater levels of performance by helping you understand feedback, synthesize it for its true meaning, and create a plan to step into your greatest potential.

Experiential Activities |

Draw leadership wisdom from challenging simulated environments, establishing your ability to calm under pressure and to exhibit your desired ‘stress values’ no matter what business, or life, throws at you.

Self Reflection Exercises |

Reflective practices mark every great leader as he/she takes the time to “check-in” with him/herself, ruminating on the lessons learned and visualizing ways to improve in the future.

Growth Tracking & Hacking |

Monitor your personal ‘key performance indicators’ to propel you to greater performance in your personal life and professional life.

Students On Leadership


Zanudeen Makorie, Class of 2019
  • Job Title: General Counsel and Group Company Secretary
  • Organization: RioZim Limited
  • Country of Residence: Zimbabwe
Sidumiso Sibanda, Class of 2019
  • Job Title: Managing Director
  • Organization: SEO Africa
  • Country of Residence: Zimbabwe
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